DSSI Interchange Application Updates

To install the DSSI Interchange software for the first time, please install the .Net Framework BEFORE installing the DSSI Interchange software. You should not need to download anything from Microsoft's website. If you have installed an earlier version of the DSSI Interchange software, you will not need to install the .Net Framework again.

To install the .Net Framework and DSSI Interchange software applications, click on the links below.
When you have finished installing the DSSI Interchange software, there should be a shortcut to run the application on your Windows Desktop.
1. Please install the .Net Framework before installing the DSSI Interchange application.Click Here to Download and Install
2. DSSI Interchange version 1.0.6 (07/23/2014)Click Here to Download the ZIP file to install.

Installing DSSI Interchange

To install, create a folder on your windows computer. Copy the easyxref.zip file there and uncompress it. Create a shortcut to interchange.exe in that directory. You will need to update the license.syn file in that directory with the license key provided to you by US Metrics.

Supporting Software

If you are having trouble installing the DSSI Interchange application,
you may need to install some or all of the software packages below.

If you are installing on Windows 98, be sure to restart your computer after each software installation.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5Click Here to Download and Install
Microsoft Data Access 2.6Click Here to Download and Install

Please note: You must have a continuous connection to the internet to run the DSSI Interchange application.
Also, your screen resolution must be 800x600 or higher.

If you have any questions or would like to request a License Key, please contact Wayne Duke by email at wayne@easyxref.com or by phone at (972) 616-0000.

For any installation problems, please send an email to support@easyxref.com.